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Need a last-minute Christmas gift? Try Bitcoin

If you’re struggling to find a last-minute Christmas gift for a loved one, consider Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. It could be a gift of a lifetime and takes just a few minutes to purchase.

Perhaps you know of someone that has been interested in cryptocurrencies but hasn’t yet made their first investment, or another who already has a crypto portfolio and would appreciate more as a gift? People often give cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as gifts or prizes in competitions.

When we’re hosting our crypto courses at schools, we always load a few paper wallets with Bitcoin and award them to the winning students. If you’d like to buy crypto as a Christmas gift for someone special, it’s easier than you think and could be a great learning experience for you both.
The simplest way to make a crypto purchase is by signing up with an exchange and depositing the amount that you’d like to spend. At CoinEd, we like using VALR, one of the top crypto exchanges in South Africa. You can sign up for free using this link.
You’ll need to provide your identity documents during the sign-up process and take a selfie, so have your camera phone and ID card ready. Once you’ve been approved, you’ll have access to your exchange wallets.
Under the Rand wallet, you’ll find the deposit option, which will display the bank details of your VALR account. Ensure that you use the correct deposit reference to avoid delays. Deposit the amount you’d like to spend on your gift and allow a day or two for the funds to transfer.
After your funds have arrived, locate the buy/sell option, select your purchase amount and the cryptocurrency that you want to buy, review and confirm. Done! It’s that simple.
To give your gift, ask your loved one to sign up with VALR as well using the same link. Once their account has been created, they’ll need to give you their wallet address. If you’re giving them Bitcoin, they will find their Bitcoin address in the Bitcoin wallet once they click ‘Deposit’. You can scan their address using your VALR app, or they can send it to you as a text message. The funds should reflect almost instantly. Merry Christmas!
We often give gifts in this way for Christmas, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries – and now you can too. If you’d like to learn more about cryptocurrencies, visit CoinEd’s online learning portal where you will find video resources to kick start your journey in this incredibly exciting industry. You can also purchase a gift voucher for a course for someone special.
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