Help future-proof your child today

Young adults are already engaging with cryptocurrencies & blockchains - educate your child on this technology and help them thrive in the digital world.

Develop knowledge, tools and skills for life

Staying safe in an
online world

Learning about cryptocurrencies teaches your child about financial and personal security - skills that are critical for safety in the digital world.

Understanding money from an early age

Ensure your child is financially literate in adulthood by teaching them lessons about money that are often ignored in the traditional school syllabus.

Developing globally competitive skills

Blockchains are the backbone of many innovations around the globe. Educate your child on this technology and they will form a skill set transferable across industries.

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  • Simple lessons for all ages

    Learn online together with your child through theory, practicals, quizzes, live webinars and exams.
    • Simple 'login & learn' model
    • Quizzes provide feedback that reinforce knowledge gained
    • Automated progress reports and certification

The course

8 hours of self-paced learning & practical activities.

Within a few weeks, students will:
  1. Understand how this technology works & how it is being applied in the real world
  2. Know how to safely use it to enhance their careers & lives
  3. Be more digitally & financially literate
Lesson 1: The evolution of money

12 months access

On-demand content & live webinars

3 to 7 minute long lessons

Video & reading content updated regularly

Continuous assessment

Progress is monitored with short quizzes

Skills application

Knowledge is brought to life through practical activities

Measurable outcomes

Final multiple choice exam (unlimited attempts)


Certificate of completion upon 70% pass

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