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Lesson 1: The evolution of money

Course topics

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Understanding money & the history of Bitcoin

Where did money & Bitcoin come from, what are the problems with the current financial system, and how does Bitcoin solve these problems? We'll take you through some of the most fascinating stories about cryptocurrencies.

Transacting & travelling with crypto & avoiding scams

Because crypto transactions are transparent, you can track your payments at any time. Learn to make transactions, use block explorers and how to identify possible scams.


As you learn about crypto and blockchains, you'll need to store your investments securely. We'll show you how different wallets work and how to ensure that you'll always have access to your funds.

Trading & exchanges

In a live webinar with us, you'll learn trading techniques, how to use crypto exchanges and build a long-term portfolio of the most promising cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem

What are the best cryptocurrencies, why are they important and what is going on with regulation in this industry? You'll learn how to be smart about your crypto portfolio.

Practicals & assessments

You'll set up crypto tools yourself, like wallets, trading accounts, and a website that accepts Bitcoin as payment, as well as test your knowledge along the way with multiple choice questions.
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